About Us



Firefly is the #1 kids’ toothbrush brand* in America, we are a national leader in kids oral care known for having GOOD. CLEAN. FUN.

Brushing. An everyday chore that, for children, is an everyday bore. But with dazzling lights, vibrant flavors and radiant characters, Firefly makes sure the focus is always on FUN. Our lineup of amazing and amusing brushes, rinses, and pastes bring imagination, fun and games into the bathroom. So brush-time is anything but boring and developing healthy habits is child’s play. Literally.


Entertain kids into healthy habits.

Healthy habits make life easier. And the best time to form healthy habits is in childhood. But anyone with children of their own knows that this is easier said than done. Getting kids to brush their teeth often turns into a bathroom “Bush Battle” in the morning and before bedtime. It can come with stress, chasing and sometimes tears because children are resilient, determined, and have very powerful lungs, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Even as adults we know that when we turn work into play, we get more done; We learn and remember better when we’re emotionally engaged.

Every firefly moment helps children find their way through the forest of childhood, to be purposely playful, empowered to do it on their own and mindful of good health. We create products that encourages playfulness while guiding them to brush regularly and keeping them engaged to brush longer for an effective clean.


Kids learn best through play.

Firefly is a fun kid focused brand that makes life easier for parents in cultivating lifelong habits by empowering imagination & play! Play comes naturally for a child. We believe in working with that instinct, not against it. That’s why we create tools that feel like toys to make healthy choices irresistible. At the sink, in the tub, from the bathroom to beyond, we pair imagination with innovation to lighten the load for parents and light up the faces of their kids.

*QuickTABS® Unit Sales US-XAOC PERIOD ENDING 01/25/2020.