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Firefly Kids Baby Shark Fun N' Easy Flossers

Firefly Kids Baby Shark Fun N' Easy Flossers

Make flossing fun with Firefly Kids Baby Shark Kids Fun N' Easy  Flossers. Kids will be excited to floss with these delicious Watermelon flavored flossers that come in bright colors with handles in the shape of their favorite Baby Shark characters. With a narrow flosser head, nylon thread floss, textured grip areas and easy grip handle, these flossers are a fun and easy way to help kids practice good oral hygiene at an early age. Use Firefly flossers daily to help reduce and fight gingivitis. Make healthy habits fun with Firefly!

  • Includes: 90 Firefly Baby Shark Kids Fun N' Easy Watermelon Flavored Flossers
  • For Ages 3+: Textured grip handle allow kids ages three plus to easily grip flosser, resulting in better control and more comfortability while flossing
  • Narrow Flosser Head: Narrow flosser head allows kids to easily reach all teeth for thorough cleaning with their flosser, helping to reduce plaque and fight gingivitis
  • Fun & Functional Flossers: Our flossers help to reach areas brushing can miss leaving your child's mouth and gums feeling clean
  • Make Flossing Fun: Colorful Baby Shark themed flosser handles with delicious watermelon flavor encourages children to floss and makes your kids look forward to their oral hygiene routine!


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