About Us

Firefly® is a leader in children’s oral care solutions, delivering Good. Clean. Fun. to entertain children into healthy habits that last a lifetime, while helping to minimize mess. By using bright colors, flashing lights and the most popular characters such as Hello Kitty™, Star Wars™, Barbie™ and others, Firefly® helps turn brush time into a fun experience for kids and parents alike. Plus, its ADA-approved (American Dental Association) toothbrushes and mouth rinse all come at an affordable price point, helping parents trust they are choosing the best quality product for their children’s oral care routine.

In 2013 Firefly® introduced the innovative Ready Go Light-up Timer Toothbrush™ to help kids learn how long to brush and today it is the No. 1 Light-Up Children’s Toothbrush. Featuring a 60-second flashing timer and fun colors, it changes the way kids learn about brushing – and with a suction cup on the bottom this ingenious toothbrush makes it easy for parents to keep the countertop organized.

Firefly® also empower kids to take charge of their oral care routine with the Fun Pump Rinse, equipped with a No Mess Cup that is conveniently stored within the package to help parents eliminate the mess. The pump is designed to make it easy for kids to ‘do it themselves’ and pump the right amount of rinse into their cup.
Firefly® is part of Dr. Fresh, LLC, one of the fastest growing oral care companies in the U.S. Innovation in new product development is the foundation of the company’s steady growth and success. Headquartered in Buena Park, California, Dr. Fresh, LLC

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