• 25th April 2014
  • 09:45am

Firefly Toothbrushes Sponsors Smiles Across America


Firefly Toothbrushes Sponsors Smiles Across America

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It’s scary to think that tooth decay affects over 50% of 1st graders in America (over 80% for 17yr olds!). As someone who had suffered multiple dental issues in adulthood, I can scarcely imagine what it would be like to be so young with dental issues. Although I know many people tend to write off children’s teeth because they lose their first set, tooth decay can affect a child’s health and growth in the long term. In fact, Oral Health America states that “51 million school hours are lost each year due to dental-related problems”.

Light Up Your Firefly Toothbrush

A lot of the problems arise due to not brushing correctly; which was actually what affected my teen later. Your child can brush twice a day, but if not done properly it can still lead to decay. This is where I think it’s pretty incredible what Firefly Toothbrushes has created in their ‘timed’ toothbrushes for kids. They’re not only super fun, but they also promote oral health!

Judah’s is an Angry Bird’s Ready Go Light Up Timer Toothbrush. They also have this traffic light style in regular and other characters, which I find ingenious! With a child obsessed with vehicles, this is perfect and really gets him excited. In fact, I have a hard time getting him to understand he can’t use it as a toy. If you have difficulties in getting your child to want to brush their teeth, nothing solves the problem like Firefly Toothbrushes!

Firefly Toothbrushes for Kids

The way these light-up brushes work is that they light up for one minute/one row and then you press the button again for another minute/row. The traffic light ones start on green, go to yellow and then turn red when the minute is up. This way kids are brushing for the proper length of time which I believe helps with more accuracy.

Firefly Toothbrushes is so dedicated to the cause of oral health that they are also sponsors of Smiles Across America and donate thousands of toothbrushes to at-risk children to help build healthy oral care habits. Here’s a peek at what Firefly & Smiles Across America do as well as sound bytes by dental authorities on the cavity crisis.



You can see for yourself how excited they are with the toothbrushes! Personally I think it’s really wonderful what these partners are doing to help children understand the importance of oral health in such fun way.

Traffic Light Toothbrush

The important thing is to be informed about correct oral health habits, make sure your child is getting regular check-ups and is brushing their teeth at least twice a day. If you have difficulties in getting your child to brush their teeth, check out what’s available at Firefly Toothbrushes to make it more fun!

You can learn more about Firefly Toothbrushes by visiting their webpage as well as supporting their dedication to children by “Liking” them on Facebook and @FireflyTB on Twitter.

You can also learn more about Smiles Across America by visiting Oral Health America.

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