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Firefly Sea N' Sound Baby Shark Toothbrush

Firefly Sea N' Sound Baby Shark Toothbrush

At Firefly, we believe in making healthy habits fun. Firefly's Sea N' Sound Toothbrush uses a lightup timer and sings the Baby Shark song to encourage children to brush longer. The lightup timer flashes for 60 seconds, the dentist recommended time for properly cleaning each row of teeth. As the Baby Shark song plays and the light flashes, children should brush the upper teeth and repeat on the lower. With premium soft bristles designed for kids, the Sea N' Sound Toothbrush brushes away plaque, helping prevent gum disease and tooth decay while providing a gently and effective cleaning between teeth and along the gumline.

  • Sings the Baby Shark song
  • 1-minute lightup timer encourages proper brushing
  • Premium soft bristles
  • Batteries included

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